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Hello! I'm Carys, an artist living and working in London, UK. 


I've always loved drawing and the hours I spent as a child drawing in my room, listening to my favourite books on tape, are pretty similar to how I spend my time as an illustrator now.

Stories have always driven my interests both on paper and stage and when I'm not drawing or writing you'll find me with my nose in a book. My work seeks to find the magical in the mundane, and humour in darkness. I'm inspired by observing the world around me with my sketchbook, preferably with a coffee and cake near by.

Photo by Yap Yen  (IG: @helloepiphany)

Projects, awards & partnerships

  • Selected as a PB Rising Stars mentee 2023

  • Shortlisted for Picturehooks' Buddy Scheme 2022

  • The Curious Cat and the Lord Mayor's Show, published as part of a charitable project run by the Lord Mayor of the City of London's Office

  • Theatre posters and sets for theatre for Clean Break, The Lir and Pennyworth Productions

  • Corporate contracts for Zoetis and the Bill Gates Foundation


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Do you accept commissions?

Yes I do! We'll need to chat through what you're looking for so I can be sure I'm the right person for you. Send me an email and we'll set up a phone call.

I've got a book idea. Do you want to illustrate it?

I'd love to know more so do drop me a line. If you've got a publisher I'm definitely interested. If you're still looking for a home for your story idea we can still have a chat, though generally publishers prefer to match stories with their own network of illustrators.

Where can I buy your work?

In my shop which you can find here.


What materials do you use?

I use a real mix, though my must-have is a dip pen. I feel a bit lost without one! I'd recommend experiementing for fun and seeing what feels right for you. Materials don't have to be 'professional' to work wonders. You can read more about my process in my blog.

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