REPEAL - 2018

I made this zine during the lead up to the referendum on the 8th amendment in Ireland, where I used to live. Abortion was illegal in Ireland until 2018, when women were given bodily autonomy and choice.

Repeal zine 2
Repeal zine 1
Repeal zine 3
Repeal zine 4

GONE - January 2018

A friend was going through a really hard time, and I made this zine as an expression of support. Grief is really hard, and doesn't go away. But the world is still there, as are lots of special things. It can be hard to remember these sometimes, but we can try.

Zine 1.jpg
Zine 2.jpg
Zine 3.jpg
Zine 4.jpg
Zine 5.jpg
Zine 6.jpg
Zine 7.jpg